Masato Tamayama


  Masato Tamayama

In 1991, graduated from Tokyo University of Science.
In 1993, completed Master course in Tokyo University of Science.
In 1993, started researches and developments at National Aerospace Laboratory, NAL, of Japan.
In 2001, given with Doctor of Engineering from Tokyo University of Science.
In 2003, the occupied organization changed from NAL to Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, JAXA.
Tamayama has conducted researches and developments on aeroelasticity, smart structures and morphing structures.

Reduced Order Modeling for Flutter Prediction


Although estimating flutter condition with use of high fidelity CFDs shows high accuracy, it can not be used casually because of its computational cost in the sense of time consumed. For the sake of improving this problem, the method of reduced order modeling, ROM, is introduced. For the modeling of unsteady aerodynamcs, the Eigensystem Realization Algorithm, ERA, is now used in JAXA. At the conference, the history of ROM research in JAXA will be presented.